The heritage of rigorous and pragmatic tradition of behavior and thinking does not conflict with the mold making field with the application of the modern high-tech equipments. Just by taking the complements from both methods, Kuasu is well able to fulfill our commitment to the customers “high quality, high efficiency and lower cost”.

Equipped with high speed CNC machines, precise EDM and highest repeat-positioning accuracy Erowa system etc., Kuasu can reach annual output of 400 sets molds weighing up to 30 tons and handles 30 sets of molds at one time.

Kuasu pays attention to the application of the series high-tech equipments, but further more emphasizes the utilization and training of talents at the same time. Because we have deep understanding to “excellent talent is the prerequisite of positive result”. Respect for the talents and cultivating their team capabilities drives the company moving forward all the time.

Up to 1,000T clamping force tool testing in house, 2,500T is reachable by outsource in one hour driving way.

CNC: 6 sets                            Milling: 12 sets         Drilling: 2 sets

High Speed CNC: 3 sets      Grinding: 6 sets        Lathing: 1 set

EDM Machines:7 sets         Spotting: 1 set          Molding Machine: 7 sets    

Precision EDM:2 sets          Wire cut:4 sets         Crane: 6sets

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